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If you are looking for boiler repair in Milpitas or the surrounding areas, you can count on Comfort Energy, Inc. to take care of your home. Trusted in the South San Francisco Bay area since 2005 and backed by more than three decades of heating experience, we're your local boiler experts! We hold ourselves to the highest standards of workmanship and participate in continuous training to remain on top of all procedures, services, and industry advancements. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing that your satisfaction in 100% guaranteed.

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Expert Boiler Maintenance and Repairs

At Comfort Energy, Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your boiler running smoothly all year round. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch maintenance and repair services to ensure your home stays comfortable and energy-efficient.

Our boiler maintenance and repair services include:

  • Regular system inspections and tune-ups
  • Thermostat calibration and testing
  • Ductwork inspection and sealing
  • Efficient and reliable repairs for any HVAC issues

Don't let a malfunctioning boiler disrupt your comfort. Trust Comfort Energy, Inc. to keep your home's heating system in optimal condition. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance or repair service.


Your Neighbors Love Us Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers
“Ralph arrived as scheduled, very knowledgeable, very helpful answering my questions, and explained in detail about repair options.” - Liu B.

Signs That Boiler Repair Is Needed

Have you been noticing that no matter how long you run your boiler, or how much you crank up the heat in your house, that there still always seems to be a bit of a draft? If so, your boiler may require repairs. There are several other warning signals that your boiler has been damaged or malfunctioning, so take proactive steps in discovering if these issues are plaguing your boiler today.

Primary Signs That Your Water Boiler Is Malfunctioning Include:

  • Leaks or collected water gathering around the boiler -  
    Leaks are not something that boilers just, "do". If you notice a leak on your boiler, address it immediately as it can quickly turn into a very expensive repair.
  • Strange sounds such as grinding, groaning, clanking, or hissing -  
    Most of the time your boiler is a silent and fairly quiet unit. So, if you are hearing loud clunking or whirring, chances are you need our professional boiler repair help.
  • Unpleasant or unusual odors, like sulfur, smoke, or corroded metal 
    Carbon monoxide leak is something that impact your boilers functionality and can also cause major health problems for you and your household. One way to see if your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide is to check your boiler's pilot light is yellow. If this is the case, contact us immediately for the help you need.

Why Is My Boiler Leaking Water?

When a boiler begins to leak, the issue might be stemming from too much pressure within the system or a crack in the tank. Additionally, loosened connections or fittings and damaged pressure valves or seals could also be the source of the problem. However, the best way to identify the specific cause behind the leak, is to have a professional boiler repair technician from our team come inspect the unit. We will be able to determine the problem and solution, fixing only what’s needed, so you don’t have to deal with any unnecessary repairs. However, a leaky boiler is not the only reason these systems may require a repair.

Common Boiler Problems:

  • Accumulation of minerals, sediment, and limescale within the system
  • Corrosion within the tank of the boiler
  • Faulty or damaged thermostat
  • Issues with the pilot light or thermocouple
  • Condensate pipes that are frozen, resulting in an obstruction
  • Damaged mechanical components such as the motor valve

While some of these problems can be resolved with a simple repair, others may require more attention. Regardless, it’s best to schedule a service at the first sign of a breakdown, as delaying a repair can often lead to more costly damage and in some cases the need for a new boiler.

Securing Your Safety with Water Boiler Repairs

Water boilers need to be maintained ultimately for the safety of the occupants in the building. While having a warm and comfortable property is tremendously important, what few people realize is that a malfunctioning boiler can actually be very hazardous to your health as well.

Faulty or broken boilers can emit toxic gases, including the invisible, odorless gas of carbon monoxide that can slowly poison you and anyone else staying in your home or office. This is why it is crucial to call one of our knowledgeable heating experts right away if you suspect your boiler needs to be repaired.

Increasing Your Energy Efficiency

Especially in today’s environment, with increasingly limited natural resources, it is more crucial than ever to watch our energy expenditures. When a boiler needs repairs, it has to work two or three times as hard to produce the same amount of steam. This guzzles fuel and wastes energy at a far higher rate, which is bad for the ecosystem as well as our bank accounts. Get in touch with the qualified Milpitas boiler repair technicians from Comfort Energy, Inc., so you learn more about saving energy and saving money simultaneously.

Contact us now at (408) 560-4050 to reach our Milpitas heating experts at Comfort Energy, Inc., your partners for green comfort.

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