Random Things You’ll Find in Your Ducts

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Three Unusual Things You'll Find in Your Ducts

You most likely seldom pay mind to your home's ductwork. With ducts out of sight and mind, it can be easy to fall behind in proper maintenance and upkeep without setting calendar reminders.

We're here to share the most random items that could be lurking in your ductwork and affecting your indoor air quality. Keep reading to learn more!

Pet Dander

We love our furry friends. They offer comforting cuddles and companionship after a long day. However, your pet's hair and dander may be affecting your indoor air quality and adding to ductwork debris. If you've got a scruffy pup or a long-haired cat, this especially rings true.

There's a solution to ridding your ductwork of pet dander, and it's not relocating your pets outside! Simply schedule an annual duct cleaning with our team to ensure your ductwork is free of accumulated pet dander and fur.


Like any area of your home, your ductwork can become a haven for household debris. Anything from outdoor debris to pollen to dust and mold have been found inside ductwork.

Since your ductwork is responsible for evenly distributing conditioned and clean air, it's a good idea to schedule regular duct cleanings to make sure you're breathing the freshest air possible.

Forgotten Items

You'd be surprised what can be left behind inside ductwork! Forgotten items are often discovered during professional duct cleanings. Anything from plastic wrappers to socks have been found inside ducts!

Duct Cleaning Services in the Bay Area

We're here to help you and your family breathe easily year-round. Our team at Comfort Energy, Inc. has been serving the indoor air quality needs of local households since 2003. We're dedicated to ensuring a quality experience for our valued customers. Contact us today to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions!

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