Improving Your Winter Air Quality


Whether it’s dry winter air or smoke from wildfires, we understand the importance of improving and maintaining good indoor air quality.

Recovering from the Fires

Living in California is synonymous with living through wildfire season, and unfortunately, the wildfire season of 2020 is one of the worst ones we’ve seen. Not only do these fires have a significant impact on the landscape and structures around us, but their effects on our air quality are long-lasting as well.

In order to limit the effects of fires on your air, keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. During a fire, air quality worsens drastically; sometimes, it can be so dangerous that you can’t be outside for more than a few minutes at a time.

Swap Your Filters

One way to recover from the recent fires is by making sure that you’re swapping out your air filters regularly. We typically recommend swapping out your filters every two to three months, but when there are outside circumstances, like a wildfire, we recommend swapping your filters more frequently, ideally, every 30 days.

Swap Your Filters

Outside of fire season having an impact on your air quality, you also have to worry about other air quality issues. One of the biggest issues is dry air. As the temperatures begin to drop, so do the moisture levels, which can lead to a number of problems for you. Dry air can make your skin itch, can irritate your allergies, and can even cause cracking and splintering in wood and leather products throughout your home.

To combat these effects, we would recommend installing a humidifier to increase your home's moisture levels.

For all questions about your home’s indoor air quality, contact our team of experts at (408) 560-4050.

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