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Save Money on AC Bills This Summer

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The Top Three Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bills This Summer

High summer air conditioning costs can be a real drag, but there are a number of strategies that you can use to make your bill more manageable. Follow these three tips to rack up the savings this year.

1. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Home automation tools are all the rage these days, and smart thermostats offer several unique benefits over their traditional counterparts. With the right smart thermostat, you can:

  • Separate your home into various temperature zones to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption.

  • Use advanced motion sensors to turn your AC off or on when people wake up for the day.

  • Control your home's temperature from your smartphone while you're away.

  • Automatically use external weather data to adjust your home's temperature to the latest local forecasts.

If you already have a smart thermostat, then make sure to optimize your settings to dial down the AC whenever you don't need it running at full blast.

2. Use Your Ceiling Fans Judiciously

Ceiling fans consume a surprising amount of power if you leave them on 24/7. Furthermore, they're not very effective if you don't have a high-quality air conditioner running in the background.

Unless you're actively cooling the air in your home, the most that a ceiling fan will do is simulate a warm summer breeze. That's better than nothing, but it usually isn't enough to justify the increase you'll see on your utility bill.

If you work out of a home office or have another room that you need to keep cool all day and night, you might get a bigger bang for your buck by investing in a high-quality plug-in fan. Even something as simple as a desk fan can help you beat the heat while you're using your computer.

3. Be Disciplined About Changing Your HVAC Filters

Installing a fresh set of filters is one of the most cost-effective methods to bring your AC bills down when it starts to get hot outside. As your filters fill up with dust or other airborne particles, your entire HVAC system has to routinely kick itself into overdrive to try and pick up the slack.

We recommend getting your filters changed every 45-90 days. To be extra diligent, check your filters every three weeks instead.

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